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2703 Product Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309
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Youth Program

Program Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Program Overview on Hitting

Our Youth Development Program is a long term training group that we generally start in October and continues until players are ready for their next season – typically late March. These camps are typically 2-3 nights a week and – due to the duration of training – allow us to help a player improve in all phases of the game, in addition to age appropriate strength and movement.

With our superior instructors/coaching and aptitude to taking the average player and developing them into a player others aspire to be is what we do best!

With our many "toys" we implement to aid in the process of the athletes development, we are able to modify a program designed for each players maximum success.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion is a sensor that attaches over the handle of the bat and allows for real time feedback, analyzes an individual player's hitting trends, attack angle, bat speed, launch angle, exit velo, distance & visualizes your ball flight through interactive spray charts.

Tracking these measurables helps the player to understand the relationship between cause and effect for a good or bad swing.

From there, our team of instructors will begin on working on the athletes sequencing. With the use of PVC Pipe, Medicine Ball drill work that will promote proper swing mechanics such as posture, bat speed, rotation, on plane & connection that creates rotational power.


Rapsodo is a sports analytic company that uses computer vision and advanced radar to help all athletes maximize there performance. Batted ball metrics is the key to understanding where the cause of swing deficiencies are for each athlete-and track progress over time.

Overload & Underload Training

Motor CIty Hit Dogs has been using the overload/underload method for the past 16yrs and the results show with how physical our hitters are. We use bats that are "overload" (heavier) and "underload" that are (lighter). The overload bat has weight on the handle & the underload has no weight to create bat speed. We also use plyo balls to promote the "attack" approach. The overload bat teaches our hitters to swing with more intent, while the underload bat increases bat speed .

Challenging Days/Competition

Our goal for the hitting portion of the program is to have the athlete translate his swing into game like at bats. We bring in players of all ages within our program and players that are involved in our throwing program to challenge the hitters in a competitive setting.

Our advanced pitching machines are used as well to work on inside & outside fastballs, curveballs of different shape ( right & left side), over velocity, exact pitch locations. These challenging at bats will be more difficult than the athlete will face 99% of the time.

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2703 Product Drive
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Scott: (313) 334-8306
Tony: (586) 864-2406

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